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If you’re a fan of word puzzles, you’ll love this blog post! We’ve compiled a list of 5 letter words starting with CA, perfect for solving any crossword or wordle clue. So whether you’re stuck on a businessfabb clue or just looking for some extra challenge, give these words a try. You might be surprised at how many you can find!


Assuming you would like a detailed description of the calf muscle:

The calf (scientific name: Gastrocnemius) is a muscle located at the back of the lower leg. It is divided into two parts: the larger, outer part (lateral head) and the smaller, inner part (medial head). The two heads are connected by a thick tendon (the Achilles tendon) which attaches to the heel bone (calcaneus).

The primary function of the calf muscle is to assist in movement of the foot and ankle, specifically plantar flexion (pointing the foot downwards). The muscle also aids in blood circulation throughout the lower leg.

When it comes to working out, the calf muscle can be trained through a variety of exercises such as calf raises, donkey calf raises, and standing or seated calf raises. For best results, it is recommended to perform these exercises 2-3 times per week.


Cages are usually made of metal or wire, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They can be used to keep animals, birds, or even humans secure. When choosing a cage, it’s important to consider the size of the animal or person that will be using it, as well as the purpose of the cage. For example, a birdcage should be large enough for the bird to move around freely, while a human cage should be big enough for the person to comfortably stand up and move around.


Assuming you would like a detailed answer for the subheading “1. Cake” of the blog article “Letter Words Starting with CA – Wordle Clue – businessfabb”:

Cake is a type of dessert that is typically made from flour, sugar, eggs, and butter or milk. It can be flavoured with extracts, spices, fruits, or chocolate. Cake is often iced or decorated with fondant, icing sugar, or chocolate ganache.

There are many different types of cake, including pound cake, sponge cake, angel food cake, devil’s food cake, chiffon cake, and fruitcake. Cake can be served as a snack or dessert, and is often served at birthday parties, weddings, and other celebrations.


If you’re looking for a list of words that start with CA, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Wordle, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of words that start with CA, includingCommon Words That Start With CA
Business Words That Start With CALetter Words That Start With CASight Words That Start With CATypical Words That Start With CACool Words That Start With CABoring Words That Start With CAComplicated Words That Start With CAMiscellaneousWords That Start With CAPopular Words That Start With CATraditional Words That Begin with CASimple Words Beginning with CATwo-SyllableWords Starting with CA and more!

Whether you’re looking for common words that start with CA, business words that start with CA, or any other type of word that starts with CA, we’ve got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Check out our complete list of words that start with CA below.


If you’re looking for a calm start to your day, look no further than words that start with the letter “C.” From “cozy” to “comfortable,” these words will help you get your day off to a relaxing start.

CA words

There are many words that start with the letters “CA”. Here are a few of the most common:


Words that start with “CA” can be used in a variety of different contexts. For example, cabooses are often used in trains, while caches can be used to store data or information.


We hope this article has helped you solve the Wordle clue “5 letter words starting with CA”. If you’re still stuck, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to help you out. Don’t forget to check out our other Wordle clues for more challenging fun!

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