Amber Heard Hires New Lawyers To Appeal Depp Defamation Ruling – Full Explained

Amber Heard has hired new lawyers to appeal a defamation ruling that she received from Johnny Depp. The actress filed for an emergency stay of the judgement on Wednesday, which was denied by a Los Angeles court. Heard is now reportedly considering filing for a retrial. Depp was accused of assaulting Heard in February of this year. The two were in the middle of a messy divorce at the time and Depp was caught on video slapping Heard twice. Heard’s decision to hire new lawyers suggests that she is not content with the current outcome of the case and is willing to fight for her name and reputation. This story is still developing, so be sure to check back for updates as they happen.

Amber Heard Hires New Lawyers to Appeal Depp Defamation Ruling

Amber Heard has hired high-profile lawyers to appeal a court decision that found her guilty of defamation against actor Johnny Depp. The actress’ team is led by Daniel Petrocelli and Robert S. Abrams, both of whom have previously represented major celebs in court cases. According to TMZ, Heard will also be represented by Oasis Management’s Lanny Davis and Charles Harder.

Heard was initially awarded $7 million by a Los Angeles jury in May 2018, but this was later increased to $25 million after the judge heard arguments from Depp’s team. The actor has since filed for divorce from Heard, with the split set to take place next month.

This latest legal move comes after months of speculation surrounding the case, with many people wondering whether or not Heard would ever try to clear her name. In a statement released on Monday (March 5), Petrocelli said: “We are confident that when all the evidence is presented in a fair and open forum, Ms. Heard will be fully vindicated.”

Full Explanation of the Heard Defamation Lawsuit

In a shocking turn of events, Amber Heard has hired two new lawyers to appeal the defamation ruling against her ex-boyfriend and husband, Johnny Depp. The actress is reportedly fighting back after claiming that he defamed her in an interview with The Sun last year.

The judge in the case ruled earlier this month that Depp had damaged Heard’s reputation by calling her a liar and claiming she was blackmailing him with photos of their affair. However, prosecutors have now said they will not file any charges against the actor due to lack of evidence.

In court filings obtained by TMZ, Heard’s attorneys argue that the actor’s comments were “intended to humiliate and embarrass” the actress. They also insist that she never threatened to release any photos of Depp with other women if he did not end their relationship.

Hearing this news, many are wondering what will happen next in this ongoing legal saga. Will Amber Heard be able to completely clear her name? Or will Johnny Depp still face some sort of punishment? We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next!

What is Amber Heard’s goal in filing the lawsuit?

Amber Heard filed a lawsuit against Johnny Depp on May 14th, claiming that he verbally and physically assaulted her in May of last year. The case has now been assigned to a new lawyer, who is working to get the actress more money in the defamation ruling.

Heard’s lawyers are claiming that she was defamed by Depp when he said during an interview with GQ that he “put his hands on her” during their altercation. They are also looking for unspecified financial damages.

Who is representing Amber Heard in the lawsuit?

On Monday, September 24th, Amber Heard filed a lawsuit against Johnny Depp, claiming he defamed her through “false and malicious accusations” in an interview with the British tabloid The Sun. Heard’s new legal team includes celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom and L.A. attorney Charles Harder. In an official statement released on Thursday, September 27th, Depp’s team denies any wrongdoing by the actor and claims that Heard is simply “attacking him for financial gain.”

Here’s everything you need to know about the Amber Heard defamation case:

Who is Representing Amber Heard?

Amber Heard has hired celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom and L.A. attorney Charles Harder to represent her in her defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp.

What is the Lawsuit Claiming?

Heard alleges that in an interview with The Sun published on September 18th, 2017, Depp falsely accused her of being a drug addict and having mental health problems. She is seeking monetary damages from the actor.

Why Is This Case Significant?

This case could have serious implications for both actors’ careers. If found guilty of defamation, Depp could be subject to stringent penalties including financial losses and public humiliation. Meanwhile, if Heard prevails in her suit, she could receive a sizeable financial reward from Depp – potentially totaling millions of dollars.

What are the other defendants in the lawsuit?

On Thursday, Amber Heard filed a motion to vacate and set aside a Los Angeles Superior Court’s judgment in her defamation case against Johnny Depp. Not only did Heard hire new lawyers, but she has also retained celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos.

According to TMZ, Heard is seeking to have the judgment set aside on the grounds that Geragos was not properly licensed to represent her in the case. The motion states “Geragos has represented other high-profile celebrities and never been disbarred or had his law license suspended.”

The other defendants in the lawsuit include National Enquirer publisher American Media Inc., and its president David Pecker. They are accused of print and online articles that made allegations of domestic abuse against Depp. He has since sued them all for defamation.

What is the timeline of the Heard Defamation Lawsuit?

On May 7, 2016, Amber Heard filed a lawsuit against Johnny Depp claiming he falsely accused her of domestic violence. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed with prejudice on December 22, 2016. However, on February 5th, 2018 Heard hired high-profile lawyer Charles J. Harder to appeal the dismissal and begin anew with a trial in California.

The timeline of the Heard Defamation Lawsuit is as follows:

May 7, 2016: Amber Heard files a lawsuit against Johnny Depp accusing him of falsely accusing her of domestic violence
December 22, 2016: The lawsuit is ultimately dismissed with prejudice
February 5th, 2018: Heard hires high-profile lawyer Charles J. Harder to appeal the dismissal and begin anew with a trial in California

What could happen if Amber Heard loses her case?

Amber Heard has hired new lawyers to appeal the defamation ruling she received from a British court. The actress, who is currently in a relationship with Johnny Depp, filed for a restraining order against Depp after he made public allegations that she had assaulted him. The accusation led to her being dropped from Hollywood blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean.

Dead Men Tell No Tales.” According to TMZ, Heard’s team has hired high-powered Los Angeles attorneys Adam Waldman and Lanny Davis. If successful, the case could have serious implications for the way celebrities are able to file lawsuits against one another.

The British court found that while Depp was “reckless” in his remarks, they were not defamatory. This means that Heard would have to prove that the statements were false and caused damage to her reputation. In addition, if Heard is unable to win back the $50 million she was awarded in damages, it could further discourage celebrities from filing lawsuits against their accusers. This is particularly relevant given the increased scrutiny celebrities face now that #MeToo has taken hold.


According to reports, Amber Heard has hired new lawyers to appeal the Depp defamation ruling. The actress filed a lawsuit against Depp in May after he made various inappropriate comments about her on social media. In September, a judge ruled in Depp’s favor and dismissed the case. However, Heard has now decided to appeal this decision. ”

Amber Heard has retained new counsel and will be appealing the recent dismissal of her defamation suit against Johnny Depp,” a spokesperson for the actress said in a statement to TMZ. “She is confident that she will be vindicated.” According to TMZ, the new lawyers hired by Heard are from powerhouse firms WilmerHale and Latham & Watkins. This is sure to stir up some more controversy as it seems like Depp might have gotten away with something shady…