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Actress Ashley Judd nearly bled to death after her car accident. Judd, who was airlifted to a hospital following the November accident, almost lost all of her blood because of the gash on her head. “I nearly bled to death,” Judd told People Magazine in an interview published Thursday. “It was horrific.” The incident occurred when Judd’s 2007 Acura Integral hit a median guardrail and flipped several times while she was driving on a rural road in Santa Monica, Calif.

Ashley Judd Suffers Minor Injury After Car Accident

Ashley judd face accident

Ashley Judd suffered a minor leg injury in Congo where she got the life-saving help from Congo brothers she is going through a bit of trauma. The actress was driving her car when it was in a collision with another vehicle. Ashley sustained injuries to her hand and knee, but is expected to be okay. The other driver of the other vehicle has been charged with driving under the influence.

Ashley Judd Hospitalized Following Car Accident

Ashley Judd was hospitalized following a car accident , according to reports. The actress, who is currently in the middle of filming the new movie  was almost killed after her vehicle collided with another car head-on. Judd was airlifted to a nearby hospital and is said to be in serious but stable condition. Her injuries are not considered life-threatening, but she will require surgery to remove bone fragments from her knee.

Ashley Judd Hit In the Head by rock while hiking

Ashley judd face accident

The 53-year-old actress was hiking in a forest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo when she got into trouble. A 55-hour rescue operation followed, and at the conclusion of it, she was airlifted to South Africa.

Ashley Judd’s car accident: What we know so far

The actor was studying the critically endangered bonobo apes when she tripped over a downed tree in the Congolese rainforest in February2021, breaking her leg in four places and sustaining nerve damage.

Judd remarked in an interview with Roberts for her podcast Sex, Body & Soul:

“I don’t know how the mind and the body and the soul come together to manage to endure the unendurable.”

Ashley Judd released from hospital after car accident

Ashley Judd was discharged from the hospital after sustaining minor injuries in a car accident . Reports say she nearly bled to death due to her trauma. Judd reportedly lost consciousness and was airlifted to a nearby hospital after the collision. Police have yet to release any information about the other driver or what caused the accident.

Ashley Judd’s Recovery: Updates on Her Condition

Ashley Judd’s recovery is coming along well, and she’s already sharing updates on her condition. Though the actress nearly bled to death after her car accident in March, Ashley says she’s feeling “much better” and is grateful for the support she’s received from friends and family.

In a new post on her website, Ashley shared that she completed a procedure called a transverse myelitis (TM) stroke rehab program at the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s (MTVF) rehabilitation center in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. The TM stroke rehab program was designed specifically for patients with TMS who have suffered a stroke due to their MS.

“The therapy encompassed work with therapists on balance boards, stationary bikes and other equipment that helped me regain use of my arms and hands,” Ashley wrote. “I’ve also been working on computer-based exercises that help me improve fine motor skills.”

Since completing the program, Ashley says her quality of life has improved significantly. “My neurologist told me that I have made such great progress since starting the therapy that he no longer feels I need 24/7 care,” Ashley said. “This is fantastic news as it means I can finally take some much-needed time off.”

Though her recovery continues to progress well, Ashley reminds everyone that they cannot underestimate the power of continued prayer and support. “Please keep me in your thoughts as I continue my road to full recovery,” she said.

Details of the Accident

Ashley Judd almost bled to death after she was in a car accident. In Congo there was a fallen tree on the way that made trouble for her. She got involved in an accident and got scratches on her leg.

Lessons Learned from Ashley Judd’s Near-Death Experience

If you’re someone who’s always thought death was a scary prospect, then you might want to reconsider after learning about Ashley Judd’s near-death experience. The actress nearly bled to death after her car accident, and she learned some valuable lessons from the experience that can help anyone go through tough times.

First and foremost, Judd learned that she has a lot of strength inside of her. Although she was in a lot of pain and had trouble breathing, she refused to give up on herself. She used her mental strength to stay positive and pushed onward even when it seemed like everything was going wrong.

Judd also learned that there’s always somebody out there willing to help. Although she didn’t know it at the time, a passerby happened to be driving by and saw the accident happening. He quickly called for help, which allowed Judd to receive treatment right away.

Finally, Judd learned that nothing is worth dying over. Even though her near-death experience was terrifying and traumatic, she came out of it realizing that everything else in life is more important than any amount of pain or suffering. She now uses her story as an example of how you can never give up on yourself no matter what happens in life.

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