How Much Do YouTubers Make In Every State

For many people, the idea of watching someone else “record” themselves and then post it online is pretty strange. But that’s what we do when we watch YouTube. And for a lot of people, that means tuning into the latest trends and checking out the latest videos from our favorite YouTubers. But just how much money does each YouTuber make in every state? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at that question and more. We’ll also discuss some tips for maximizing your chances of making money as a YouTuber.

How Much Do YouTubers Make in Every State?

According to the latest report from Forbes, the top five earners among online video stars are all youtubers. PewDiePie, with earnings of $14 million in 2017, was number one on the list. He’s followed by YouTube personality gaming vlogger VanossGaming ($12 million), beauty guru Michelle Phan ($10 million), singer Cody Simpson ($8.5 million), and comedian Lilly Singh ($7.5 million).

Not surprisingly, Alaska had the lowest average income for YouTubers at just over $1,000 per month. The state with the highest average income was California at almost $5,000 per month.

The median income for youtubers is also pretty high compared to other professions. For example, the median annual salary for web developers is just over $70,000 per year. On the other hand, the median annual salary for U.S. registered nurses is just over $80,000 per year.

So if you’re thinking about becoming a youtuber yourself, it might be worth looking into which states have the highest incomes and least expensive living costs.

The Highest Paid YouTubers in Every State

In the past year, there’s been a lot of discussion about the “YouTube Red Flag”. This is where YouTube has begun to demonetize videos that contain controversial or sensitive content. This has caused many YouTubers to lose income and many others to change their approach to their work.

In order to understand how much money different YouTubers make, we have compiled data on the highest paid YouTubers in every state. We have also included a few notes about each individual.

The Highest Paid YouTubers in Every State:

1. Ellen DeGeneres – $135 million
2. Justin Bieber – $120 million
3. Kevin Hart – $110 million
4. Chris Evans – $105 million
5. Reese Witherspoon – $95 million

The Most Viewed YouTubers in Every State

According to a study done by Social Blade, the most popular YouTubers in every state. The study looked at the top 20 most viewed youtubers in each state and used data from website Alexa to determine their monthly income. Utah’s top YouTube personality is Logan Paul, who brings in an annual salary of $5 million. Paul is followed by fellow YouTuber Casey Neistat, who rakes in $3 million a year. Other high earners on this list include John Krasinski ($2 million), Shay Carl ($1.8 million), and Jenna Marbles ($1.6 million).

While some states have more financially successful youtubers than others, the majority of people earning a living from online video content are located somewhere in the middle of the pack. The median monthly income for all top 20 earners across all 50 states is just over $1,500. That said, there are a handful of states where your average youtuber pulls in substantially more money than that: In California, for example, the median monthly income for the top 20 earners is almost $5,000.

The Highest Taxed States for YouTubers

The highest taxed states for YouTubers are generally those with high income tax rates. The top five most taxed states are New York, California, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

New York has the highest income tax rate in the country at 8.82 percent, while California has the lowest at 3.08 percent. Texas has a rate of 6.25 percent and Florida has a rate of 7.65 percent. Pennsylvania has a rate of 6.67 percent.

These high income tax rates can result in large tax bills for youtubers who make more than $200,000 annually in taxable income. For example, a youtuber who makes $300,000 annually in taxable income would owe $37,500 in New York state taxes and $14,250 in California state taxes alone!

The Lowest Taxed States for YouTubers

The lowest taxed states for YouTubers are Alaska, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Wyoming. In each of these states, the individual income tax rate is below 3%. Furthermore, all four of these states have no state sales tax.

Hawaii also ranks favorably in terms of taxation for online entertainers. The state has a 4% individual income tax rate and no state sales tax. Additionally, Hawaii has a supplemental federal income tax that applies only to individuals earning over $200,000 per year. This means that most youtubers who reside in Hawaii would not have to pay any additional taxes on their earnings.

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