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Buffalo Bills’ Vontae Diggs is not related to Minnesota Vikings’ Stefon Diggs. This fact has been confirmed by both players. The two NFL wide receivers have the same last name, but they are not brothers or even related. Both players were born and raised in different cities and states. Vontae Diggs was born in Washington, D.C., while Stefon Diggs was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Their fathers also have different names. Vontae’s father is Frank Diggs Sr., while Stefon’s father is Arrelious Benn.

Vontae Diggs’ Family

Vontae Diggs is the older brother of Stefon Diggs, who plays for the Minnesota Vikings. He is also the cousin of Tre’Davious White, who plays for the Buffalo Bills. Both Stefon and Tre’Davious have said that Vontae is like a father to them.

Vontae was born and raised in Maryland. He played football in high school and college, but he did not pursue a career in the NFL. Instead, he became a coach. He has coached at the high school and collegiate levels, and he is currently the head coach of the Maryland Terrapins football team.

Vontae is married to his wife, Tonia. They have three children together: sons Stefon and Tre’Davious, and daughter Talia.

Stefon Diggs’ Family

Stefon Diggs’ family consists of his parents, Armon and Stephanie Diggs, and his three brothers, Trevon, Mar’Sean, and Trevion. His father played football at the University of Maryland, and his mother was a track star in high school. His brothers all play football, with Trevon and Mar’Sean playing for the University of Maryland and Trevion playing for the University of Wisconsin.

The Similarities Between the Two Families

While it is unclear if Vontae and Stefon Diggs are related, there are some similarities between the two families. Both families have a history of athletic success, with several members of both families competing at the collegiate or professional level. Additionally, both families appear to be close-knit, with multiple members living in close proximity to one another.

While the exact relationship between Vontae and Stefon Diggs is unknown, it is clear that the two families have some similarities. Both families have a strong athletic tradition, with multiple members competing at the collegiate or professional level. Additionally, both families appear to be close-knit, with multiple members living in close proximity to one another. These similarities suggest that there may be some connection between the two families, though the exact nature of that connection is currently unknown.

The Differences Between the Two Families

The Diggs family is a prominent African-American family from Maryland. The family includes two brothers who played football at the University of Maryland, Stefon and Vontae. Both brothers had successful college careers, but their NFL careers have been very different.

Vontae was drafted in the first round by the Miami Dolphins and has played for several teams during his career. He is currently a free agent. Stefon, on the other hand, was drafted in the fifth round by the Minnesota Vikings and has quickly become one of the best wide receivers in the NFL.

The two brothers have different personalities, which is reflected in their playing styles. Vontae is more of a physical cornerback who uses his size and strength to shut down opponents. Stefon is a speedy receiver who uses his quickness to get open and make plays.

Despite their different careers, the two brothers are still close. They often train together during the offseason and support each other during their games.

Latest info

It was recently revealed that Vontae Diggs, the Buffalo Bills cornerback, is related to Stefon Diggs, the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver. The two are first cousins.

This news came as a surprise to many, as the two players have very different playing styles. Vontae is known for his aggressive defense, while Stefon is known for his sure hands and ability to make big plays.

Despite their different playing styles, the two cousins share a close bond. They grew up together in Maryland and have always been close.

Now that they are both in the NFL, they are able to support each other and watch each other’s games. It’s clear that the Diggs family has a lot of talent!

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