‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Adds Lana Parrilla To Season 2 – Full Explained

It’s no secret that Hollywood is constantly changing. Networks are releasing new shows and the cast and crew of older ones are moving on to other ventures. This constant flux has had a significant impact on the TV industry, one of which is the casting of major roles. The Lincoln Lawyer is an excellent example of this. The original show starred Robert Downey Jr. and Steven Soderbergh, but after its release, both stars moved on to other projects. In its place was Alan Ball, who changed the show completely by adding newcomer, Lana Parrilla. In this blog post, we will explain exactly why Lana Parrilla was added to Season 2 of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ and what her role will be. We hope you enjoy!

‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Adds Lana Parrilla to Season 2

Netflix has announced that they have added Lana Parrilla to the cast of the upcoming second season of “The Lincoln Lawyer”. According to Deadline, Parrilla will play a new role in the season and will be playing a “powerful and ruthless woman”. The show will also be adding Amanda Seyfried as well, who is set to play a “wealthy trophy wife”.

Parrilla is no stranger to television. She has starred on shows like “Castle”, “Party Down” and “Jericho”. Seyfried has been in films like ” Mean Girls “, “Les Misérables” and ” Mamma Mia! “.

What is the show about?

“The Lincoln Lawyer,” which stars Matthew McConaughey and Parrilla, follows a young lawyer (McConaughey) who is fresh out of law school and working as a legal assistant for one of the biggest firms in Los Angeles. He’s got big dreams, but his life takes an unexpected turn when he’s hired by the defense team of a high-profile man (Parrilla) accused of a crime he didn’t commit. As he navigates through this strange and unique case, McConaughey discovers new depths to himself and learns how to trust again. The 10-episode first season will be released on Amazon Prime in 2018.”

“The Lincoln Lawyer” is a show about a young lawyer named Mickey Haller who gets hired by the defense team of a high-profile man accused of a crime he didn’t commit. It’s based on the novel of the same name by Michael Connelly. The show stars Matthew McConaughey and Lana Parrilla and will be released on Amazon Prime in 2018

When is Season 2 premiering?

The Lincoln Lawyer, the hit HBO show starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, has added actress Lana Parrilla to its cast for Season 2. The new season will reportedly explore the fallout from McConaughey’s character’s recent acquittal. Parrilla will play a key role in the show’s second season as powerful female prosecutor. The premiere date for Season 2 has yet to be announced, but it is expected to air sometime in 2014.

Who are the cast members?

The cast of “The Lincoln Lawyer” has been announced and it includes Emmy-winner Lana Parrilla. The show is based on the novel of the same name by Michael Connelly and will follow Mickey Haller (Parrilla), a skilled criminal defense lawyer who has just been released from prison, and is looking to start over. Along with Parrilla, the cast includes Richard Jenkins, Amby Burrows, Alan Cumming, Dominic West and Eddie Marsan. The show is set to premiere on Netflix in February 2017.

What are the plot lines for Season 2?

The second season of “The Lincoln Lawyer” has added newcomer Lana Parrilla to the cast, and with good reason. The actress brings a wealth of experience to the show, having starred in hit shows like “Lost” and “Breaking Bad”. Here’s a look at her character and what fans can expect from her appearance on the show.

In addition to playing lawyer Diane Lockhart on “The Office”, Parrilla is also well-known for her work on feature films like “Sin City” and “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith”. Her addition to Season 2 of “The Lincoln Lawyer” will add an interesting new dimension to the show.

Parrilla’s character, Laura Ziskin, is described as being ambitious and driven. She is also said to be slightly unhinged, which should make for some interesting scenes opposite Michael Douglas’ Charlie Rose. Given that Season 1 ended with Douglas’ character winning his court case, it will be interesting to see how Ziskin tries to take him down in Season 2.

Season 2 of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ has been announced

Netflix has just announced that Season 2 of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ will be coming our way. The show follows Mickey Haller (Lana Parrilla), a powerful attorney who starts out representing the little guy but quickly becomes one of the most sought-after lawyers in Los Angeles. In addition to Parrilla, Season 2 will see returning cast members Michael Madsen, Ellen Pompeo, and Diane Guerrero.

We don’t have too much information about what to expect from Season 2 yet, but it looks like we’ll get more of Mickey’s backstory as well as follow his exciting legal cases. As for the new cast members, we don’t know much about them other than they will play important roles in the season. We can only hope that their characters are as great as Lana Parrilla, Michael Madsen, Ellen Pompeo and Diane Guerrero are in the first season!

Lana Parrilla has been cast in the role of Eve

Lana Parrilla has been cast in the role of Eve for the upcoming season of “The Lincoln Lawyer”. The show is set to air in early 2017 on NBC. Eve is a prosecutor who is fresh out of law school and is working her way up the ranks. She’s got ambition and fire in her belly, but she also has a heart of gold.

Eve’s first big case is defending a wealthy man who’s been charged with murder. It’s not an easy case to win, but she does everything she can to prove his innocence. Along the way, she meets Michael Haller (played by Stephen Rea), who hired her to do this job. He quickly falls for her and they start dating. But Eve isn’t sure if she wants to stay in law or go back to being a lawyer…

Parrilla will join previously announced cast members Alan Arkin, Ann Dowd, Tim Roth, Neil Patrick Harris and Martina Garcia.

What other stars will join the cast?

The cast of the legal drama “The Lincoln Lawyer” has been growing by the day. According to Deadline, actress Lana Parrilla has joined the cast of the show as a series regular. She will play Diane Lockhart, an ambitious and powerful lawyer who is also Harry’s (Michael Keaton) rival. This news comes just days after “Boardwalk Empire” alum Jack Huston was announced as joining the cast as well. The new season of “Lincoln Lawyer” will air on NBC in 2013.

What other details are we getting about the season?

Creator Steven Soderbergh has announced that Emmy Award-winning actress Lana Parrilla will join the cast of the upcoming season of his legal drama, “The Lincoln Lawyer.” Per Soderbergh’s twitter, Parrilla will play the role of “Annalise Keating,” a powerful lawyer who crosses paths with Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman). In addition to her work on “The Office” and “Game of Thrones,” Parrilla is perhaps best known for her roles in “Lost” and “The Sopranos.”

While little is known about Parrilla’s character yet, it is safe to say that she will add an intense level of complexity and dimension to the show. Given that audiences have come to expect nothing less from Soderbergh and company, this news should excite fans everywhere.

How many episodes will it be?

The team behind “The Lincoln Lawyer” have announced that season 2 will be comprised of 10 episodes. This is a significant increase from the initial six-episode order for season 1, and it’s clear that the show’s success has encouraged AMC to keep invest in it. Here’s what we know about the new episodes:

1. The first episode of season 2 will air on September 25th.

2. The second episode will air on October 9th.

3. The third episode will air on October 16th.

4. The fourth episode will air on October 23rd.

5. The fifth episode will air on October 30th.

6. The sixth episode willair on November 6th and 7th respectively, making a full two-hour block premiere possible this week!

Will there be a season 3?

It looks like we won’t have to wait long for a third season of “The Lincoln Lawyer.” With just two weeks left in the current season, it was announced on Tuesday that Emmy Award-winner Lana Parrilla has been added to the cast.

Parrilla will play Teresa, the new wife of Matthew McConaughey’s character, Mike. Teresa is a mixed media artist who helps Mike untangle his legal problems and find redemption. Her addition to the cast raises some questions about what her relationship with McConaughey’s character will be like and whether or not she will become a part of his legal team.

The final four episodes of Season 2 are set to air on August 26th, so there’s still time for more news about a potential third season to come out. But for now, fans can speculate about what direction the series could take with its new cast member.


If you’re a fan of legal dramas and haven’t seen the latest addition to your Netflix queue, “The Lincoln Lawyer,” then you are missing out. Played by breakout actress Lana Parrilla, the character of Sydney Farber is an ambitious and tenacious defense attorney who is unafraid to take on powerful corporations and politicians. With Season 2 set to air in 2019, here’s everything you need to know about this exciting new show.

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