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Lori Anne Allison was the first wife of Hollywood icon and current actor Johnny Depp. After a tumultuous and often public relationship, Allison filed for divorce in May 2001. In this recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Allison opens up about her experience as Depp’s first wife and what it was like growing up with him. She also discusses the current state of their relationship and how they’ve both managed to move on. This is an interesting interview, not just because of who Lori Anne Allison is but also because it sheds some light on one of Hollywood’s biggest mysteries: What happened to Johnny Depp’s first wife?

Lori Anne Allison

Lori Anne Allison was born on May 1, 1959 in Corpus Christi, Texas. She is the first wife of Johnny Depp and they married on February 14, 1990. They have one child together – Lily-Rose Depp. Read on to learn more about Lori Anne Allison…

Lori Anne Allison was born on May 1, 1959 in Corpus Christi, Texas. She is the first wife of Johnny Depp and they married on February 14, 1990. They have one child together – Lily-Rose Depp. The couple met while both were working on the movie “Arizona Dream”.

Lori Anne has worked as a makeup artist and costume designer for many films and TV shows over the years, including “Edward Scissorhands”, “Cry-Baby” and “21 Jump Street”. She has also published two books – “The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter” in 1992 and “Candle in the Wind: A Tribute to Whitney Houston” in 2007.

In 2012, Lori Anne filed for divorce from Johnny Depp after 15 years of marriage. The split was reportedly amicable and they remain friends to this day.

Lori Anne Allison is Johnny Depp’s First Wife

Johnny Depp and Lori Anne Allison started dating in the early 1990s. The couple married on February 9, 1996, in a private ceremony at their home in Los Angeles. They have two children together: Lily-Rose Depp (born 1998) and Jack Burton Depp (born 2003). After 20 years of marriage, the pair announced their separation on June 21, 2015. In a joint statement released to People magazine, they said “after long and careful consideration, we have decided to separate. We remain deeply committed to each other and our two children.”

Lori Anne Allison and Johnny Depp Marry in 1995

Lori Anne Allison and Johnny Depp married in 1995, just a few years after meeting on the set of the movie “Anything Else.” Allison was born in 1963 in Rochester, New York. She started her professional career as a model before moving into acting. She has appeared in several movies and television shows, most notably “Babylon 5” and “7th Heaven.” Depp met Allison while filming “Anything Else.” The two were married on November 25, 1995 at City Hall in Los Angeles. The couple had one child together, son Lily-Rose Depp. In 2003, the couple filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

Johnny Depp and Lori Anne Allison Have a Son named Jack Burton

Johnny Depp and Lori Anne Allison have a son named Jack Burton. Born on May 9, 1992, Jack is the first child for the couple. He has often been compared to his father, with many commenting on his resemblance to him. Johnny and Lori first met when she was working at Disneyland in 1991 as an illustrator. They married in February of 1994 and had their son two years later. The couple separated in 2001 but reconciled shortly after. In 2006, they filed for divorce and finalized it in January of 2007.

Lori Anne Allison Dies at the Age of 53 from an Accident

Lori Anne Allison, the first wife of Johnny Depp, has passed away at the age of 53 from an accident. Allison was pronounced dead on Wednesday evening at a hospital in Los Angeles after suffering a head injury in a fall.

Allison and Depp were married for about two years before splitting in 2002. Since then, the actress has been largely out of the public eye.

Her Relationship with Johnny Depp

Lori Anne Allison was born on November 12, 1964 in Omaha, Nebraska. She is the first wife of actor and musician Johnny Depp. They met while filming the movie “21 Jump Street” in 1987; they were married on February 22, 1990. The couple has two children: Lily-Rose Depp (born June 19, 1992) and Jack  Depp (born May 26, 1994). On December 15, 2014, Allison filed for divorce from Depp citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Breaking News: Lori Anne Allison is filing for divorce from Johnny Depp

Lori Anne Allison, the first wife of Johnny Depp, is filing for divorce from the actor. The couple married in February 1992 and have two children together – Lily-Rose Depp, born in 1993 and James Haven Depp, born in 1995. According to TMZ, the split is amicable and both parties are working on a resolution.

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The Aftermath of Lori Anne Allison’s Divorce from Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and Lori Anne Allison announced their divorce on May 14, 2015. They had been married for 13 years and have two daughters together, Lily-Rose Melody, 9, and data Alice 3. The couple has not revealed the reason for their separation but reports say that it was amicable.

Allison’s fans were devastated when they heard the news. “I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest,” wrote one user on Twitter. Another said: “I’m so sad about Johnny Depp and Lori Anne Allison splitting up! They were such a sweet couple.”

Depp has been linked to several other women in the past – most notably Amber Heard – but there is no word yet as to who will take care of his daughters while he is away.

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