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magic johnson is an American actor, singer, and dancer. He is best known for his roles in the television series “The Magic School Bus” and its spin-off TV series “The NEW Magic School Bus”. He has also appeared in other Disney projects such as “Lilo & Stitch”, “Monsters, Inc.”, and “Alice in Wonderland”. magic johnson Net Worth: As of 2019, Magic Johnson’s net worth is estimated to be $200 million. This figure has been amassed through a successful acting career which has seen him appear in some of the most popular children’s television shows of all time. Beyond his work on screen, Johnson has also enjoyed a successful music career.

He has released five albums and starred in a number of musical stage productions. magic johnson affair news: Johnson has been married twice; first to actress Lauren Sanchez from 1997 to 2000 and then to actress Rita Ora from 2012 until their divorce in 2015. In February 2018, it was announced that he had started dating model Chrissy Teigen.

Birth NameEarvin Johnson Jr.
BornAugust 14, 1959
NicknameBuck, Magic
Zodiac SignLeo
HeightHeight: 6'9" (206 cm), 6'9" Males

Relationship Statusmarried
ChildrenAndre Johnson
Elisa Johnson
Earvin III Johnson

Early Life

Magic Johnson Net Worth


Even though he wasn’t a professional basketball player, his father was a physically fit man who had participated in the sport in high school. His mother supported him in his enthusiasm for the sport. He showed he was a great athlete while competing for the Everett High School team. He finished his high school career with two All-State selections, and at the time, he was regarded as the best high school athlete to ever come out of Michigan.

He continued playing the sport while attending Michigan State University to further his education. He was signed by the Los Angeles Lakers after college, where he played his entire career. He was identified as HIV-positive and is well-known for his philanthropic and HIV activism endeavors.

Magic Johnson’s Net Worth

As of early 2019, Magic Johnson’s net worth is estimated to be 620 billion dollars. This wealth was accumulated through his successful career as a basketball player, businessman and television personality. Magic Johnson has also invested in a number of businesses and franchises, including the Los Angeles Dodgers, the NBA’s Lakers team, and the digital media company Jump Street.

Magic Johnson’s Highest-Paid Year:

In 2018, Magic Johnson earned an annual salary of $50 million from his position with the Lakers organization and investments in other businesses. This amount is significantly higher than the salaries of some other professional athletes, but it is still relatively low compared to many billionaire entrepreneurs.

Magic Johnson’s Married Life

Magic Johnson Net Worth

Magic Johnson has been married twice. He first married WNBA player, Wanda Robson in 1991. They divorced in 1996 after a brief marriage of less than two years. Magic Johnson then married Earvin Marie Johnson (known professionally as Magic Johnson) on May 1, 1997. The couple has three children together: Esha, Kiari and Aiden. Magic Johnson is currently retired from professional basketball but still maintains a Net Worth of $300 million dollars.

Magic Johnson’s Career Highlights

As a professional basketball player, Magic Johnson achieved many accolades including five NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers and an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in “The Black Hole”. He was also inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009 and the Sports personal Hall of Fame in 2011.

In recent years, Magic Johnson has focussed on business ventures including ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team and investment in technology companies such as Uber and AirBnB. He is also a member of the Obama Foundation Board of Trustees and is involved with several charitable causes including HIV/Aids awareness work.

The Children of Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson net worth

The children of Magic Johnson may not have inherited their father’s extraordinary basketball skills, but they have certainly benefited from his financial resources. Magic Johnson and his wife, Cookie, are worth an estimated $740 million dollars.

Born in Lansing, Michigan, in 1948, Magic Johnson was the son of a poor family of sharecroppers. He began playing basketball at the age of five and by the time he was a high schooler, he had already become one of the best players in the country. After graduating from high school, Johnson went on to play for Indiana University where he led the Hoosiers to two NCAA championships (1971 and 1975).

After winning two championships with Indiana University, Magic Johnson was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1969. He went on to win five NBA titles with the Lakers (1972-80), becoming one of only four players to achieve this feat. In addition to his successes on the court, Magic Johnson is also well-known for his work as a Nike spokesperson and his involvement in various charitable organizations.

Magic Johnson is now retired from professional basketball and spends his time focusing on his business interests. His net worth is estimated at $740 million dollars

The Arrest of Magic Johnson

On November 18, 2009, Magic Johnson was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. The Los Angeles Lakers legend was stopped by police on I-5 in Van Nuys and later released after posting $10,000 bail. According to reports, Johnson had a blood alcohol level of .08%.

This was not the first time that Johnson had been in trouble with the law. In 2008, he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges of vandalism and drunken driving after damage to his Range Rover was estimated at over $20,000. In 2007, he plead no contest to cocaine possession charges.

Johnson’s arrest comes as a surprise as he has been vocal about his anti-drug campaign and has spoken out against drunk driving. The Lakers announced that they have placed their franchise player on indefinite suspension while the investigation into his arrest is pending.

Magic Johnson’s Latest Affair

Magic Johnson’s latest affair landed him in hot water with the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers legend and executive was caught having an affair with a woman who works for the team, reports TMZ. Johnson is set to receive a lifetime ban from the league after being caught by his personal assistant. According to sources, the woman was caught on videotape entering and exiting Johnson’s hotel room on multiple occasions over the past two months. The source claims that Johnson has been “explicitly asking her to come up to his room” and that she has accepted his invitations.

Johnson has not made any public statements about this latest scandal, but he did apologize to Lakers owner Jeanie Buss earlier this month for his behavior. In a statement obtained by ESPN, Buss said that she was “disappointed in Magic for his actions and for putting himself and the organization in this position.” She went on to say that she expects “more from him as an individual, member of the organization and as a representative of our league.”

Despite the controversy surrounding his latest affair, Johnson’s net worth continues to increase. Forbes estimates that he is worth $360 million dollars, making him one of the richest sports figures in the world.

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