Who is Maria Del Refugio Abarca Villasenor ‘Dona Cuquita’? – latest news

Maria del Refugio Abarca is a famous Mexican actress, singer, and the wife of the popular king of Rachel songs – Vicente Fernández. The famous husband-and-wife duo got married on December 27th, 1963, resulting in the dynasty of Fernandez. She often went by the names Vicente, Chente, El Charro de Huentitan, El Idolo de Mexico, and El Rey de la Musica Ranchera.

Original NameMaria Del Refugio Abarca
NicknameDona Cuquita
Birth Date23 July 1946
HusbandVicente Fernandez
ChildrenVicente Jr, Alejandro, Gerardo, and ALejandro

The Love Story of The Mexican Icon and Maria Del Refugio

The pair were childhood neighbors in Guadalajara and Maria del Refugio was just a friend’s younger sister to the singer. He vaguely knew about her, but then one day all changed with just a look and Cuquita became no longer just that. Seeing her leave the church impacted the singer, and he just fell for her future wife.

Over the course of their relationship, Vicente became fascinated with Maria. He even gave her a laurel flower to symbolize her beauty and he was adamant about committing to her. When he finally mustered up the courage to ask his future wife out, she made him wait for a few days but at the end of the wait, her response was a clear yes!

Maria del refugio abarca villaseñor

Maria Del Refugio Children

They have four children: Alejandra, Gerardo, Alejandro, and Vicente. They also have five grandchildren – Camila, Alejandro Fernandez Jr., America, Valentina, and Emiliano.

Maria Del Refugio Husband’s Death

Maria Del’s Husband died on Sunday in Guadalajara after having been ill for months. He had fallen off a truck he was driving about six months ago and hadn’t recovered. His albums sold tens of millions of copies worldwide, and he was dressed for most performances in an embroidered charro suit and sombrero.

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