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Ryan Grantham may not be the most well-known author, but his Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are some of the most popular in recent years. Ryan is the author of the Wimpy Kid series, which follows Greg Heffley as he struggles through middle school. While Greg is not your average kid, Ryan’s diary entries give readers an intimate look into his life and what it’s like to be at that age. As someone who read the books as a tween, I can tell you that they hold up surprisingly well as an adult read.

They’re funny, clever, and have a lot of heart (even if some aspects of them are still pretty cringeworthy). If you haven’t read any Diary of a Wimpy Kid books yet, now is a great time to start. And if you have read them, be sure to check out Ryan Grantham’s wiki page for more information on the author and his work.

Ryan Grantham | Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki

Ryan Grantham is the actor who portrays Greg Heffley in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise. Born on March 1, 1988, in Omaha, Nebraska, Ryan began his acting career at the age of two when he appeared in an episode of Webster. He continued to appear in various TV shows and films throughout his childhood, eventually landing the role of Greg Heffley in Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010). In addition to his work on the film franchise, Ryan also has a number of side projects under his belt including starring in the web series Dude Ranch (2012-present) and appearing as DJ Lance Rock in the film Descendants (2015). When not working or filming, Ryan can be found spending time with his family and friends.

Shocked info about Ryan Grantham

In the latest issue of Us Weekly, Ryan Grantham opens up about his past with anorexia and bulimia.

The 26-year-old actor reveals that his eating disorder started when he was 14 and lasted for two years. “I was really sick,” he recalls to the magazine. “At one point, I lost 54 pounds.”

Grantham also reveals that he began binge eating after his anorexia diagnosis in order to maintain his weight. “My brain would tell me one day I could eat whatever I wanted and then the next day it would be like, ‘No, you can’t,’ ” he says.

Thankfully, Grantham’s health began to improve after he sought help from a therapist and started working out again. He has since worked on repairing his relationships with family and friends and is now looking forward to promoting his new movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.

What happened to Ryan Grantham?

Ryan Grantham was one of the stars of the popular children’s book series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. However, in late 2017, reports surfaced that he had been arrested and charged with felony assault after allegedly attacking his girlfriend. Since then, there has been little information released about his whereabouts or what has happened to him.

Fans of Ryan Grantham are concerned for his well-being, and hope that he can get through this difficult time safely. It is unclear what charges he is facing or if he has an attorney. If you have any information about Ryan Grantham or know where he may be, please contact authorities.

Ryan Grantham was born on July 7th, 1994 in North Bay, Ontario

Ryan Grantham was born on July 7th, 1994 in North Bay, Ontario. He is the youngest of three children, and has two sisters. Ryan isof Irish and Scottish descent. Ryan’s parents divorced when he was very young, and his mother moved the family around a lot before finally settling down in North Bay. Ryan attended elementary school at Holy Cross Catholic Elementary School in North Bay before moving to Leslieville District School in Toronto for middle and high school.

When he was 11 years old, Ryan’s world changed when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Treatment for the cancer required him to undergo multiple rounds of chemotherapy, and he lost all of his hair during that time. Despite the diagnosis being tough, Ryan kept a positive attitude throughout his treatment and continued to support his team at various sporting events.

In 2012, after completing his last round of chemotherapy treatments, Ryan learned that the cancer had returned and this time it had spread to other parts of his body. The news left him devastated, but he knew that he had to continue fighting if he wanted to see another day. In an interview with CTV News reporter John Lancaster shortly after learning about his second relapse, Ryan said “I’m not giving up on myself or my dream.”

After months of hard work and determination, Ryan completed a full round of radiation treatments in January 2013 and began chemotherapy again the following month. Although it was a difficult process, Ryan perse

His parents divorced when he was young and his father remarried

When Ryan Grantham was just 6 years old, his parents divorced. His father remarried shortly thereafter and Ryan grew up with a new stepmother and stepsister. While he always remained close to his Biological father, he developed a strong relationship with his stepmother and stepsister. In fact, Ryan recently revealed that he still talks to both of them regularly.

Despite growing up in a large family, Ryan never felt alone. He loved spending time outdoors with his friends and enjoyed participating in family activities like camping and fishing. Despite being an only child for much of his childhood, he made great friends along the way and remains very close to them today.

Although life dealt Ryan some tough blows early on, he has persevered and now enjoys a happy and contented life. He is grateful for the loving family he has today, as well as all the good times shared together throughout the years.

Ryan has two younger sisters

Ryan has two younger sisters, named Megan and Haley. The three of them have a close relationship and often spend time together. Ryan also has a brother, Travis, who is two years younger than he is. Travis does not live at home with the family as he is currently in college.

Although most of Ryan’s friends are from school, he enjoys spending time with his sisters too. They usually play video games or watch movies together. Occasionally they’ll go out to the mall or the beach to hang out with their families.

Overall, life is good for Ryan – he has a supportive family and plenty of friends. He’s just thankful that everything turned out okay after his parents divorced when he was very young.

In the fall of 2006, Ryan transferred to a new school in town and met Rowley Jefferson

In the fall of 2006, Ryan transferred to a new school in town and met Rowley Jefferson. Rowley was a popular, athletic guy who everyone said was great fun. Ryan quickly realized that he didn’t quite fit in with the other students at his new school and found himself feeling very lonely. He made some great friends along the way, though, including Doug Funnie and Rodrick Hefferty.

One day, Ryan decided to take a walk around the town square. As he walked by Rowley’s house, he saw him standing outside on his porch with another guy. Ryan stopped to talk for a bit and found out that Rowley and his friend were both gay. This made Ryan feel much more comfortable around Rowley and they became close friends from then on.

As the year went on, Ryan continued to make new friends and really started to feel at home in his new town. He especially enjoyed spending time with Rowley and their friendship flourished as a result. In November 2007, things changed for Ryan when his parents got divorced. It was a difficult time for him and he struggled to cope with it all alone at school.Rowley was there for him every step of the way, even lending him a bed for a while so that Ryan could stay overnight when he needed it most. Their bond only grew stronger during these tough times and they became even closer than before.

On Valentine’s Day 2009, Ryan decided it was time to finally ask Row

They became fast friends and after a few months of hanging out, Ryan nicknamed Rowley

Rowley and Ryan quickly became fast friends, hanging out for hours on end. Rowley started calling Ryan “Wimp” and the two of them would make fun of each other constantly. They’d go on long walks and talk about anything and everything, becoming closer than ever. Eventually, Ryan nicknamed Rowley “Rowdy”.

One day, Rowley asked Ryan if he wanted to do something special together. Without thinking, Ryan agreed and they went to a nearby park to play duck-duck-goose. It was there that Ryan finally let his guard down enough to kiss Rowley. The two of them kissed passionately until they both got too nervous and stopped. They promised each other that they’d never stop being friends no matter what happened between them.

Ryan is the son of a pastor

Ryan Grantham is the son of Pastor Rick Grantham, who pastors the Grace Church in Winnetka, Illinois. Ryan attended college at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL and played football for their Division III team before deciding to pursue a career in acting. He has appeared in TV shows like The Outsiders and Gilmore Girls as well as films like I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and Pitch Perfect 2.

Ryan has been involved in the Children’s Choir and the Drama Club

In middle school, Ryan was also involved in the Children’s Choir and the Drama Club. He has sung solos and participated in many performances together with his classmates. In the Drama Club, he played a role in a school play called “The Crucible”.

Ryan started Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki on January 12, 2010

Ryan Grantham started the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki on January 12, 2010. The wiki is a collaborative resource for information about the book series and its characters. Ryan has contributed information and images to the wiki since its inception, and continues to do so.

In October 2018, Ryan announced that he was no longer actively working on the wiki. He thanked everyone who had contributed to it over the years and encouraged others to take up the mantle if they were interested in continuing its production.

On May 7, 2019

On Monday, May 7, 2019, Ryan Grantham was sentenced to two years in a juvenile correctional facility after pleading guilty to criminal damaging and trespassing. The sentence comes as a result of an incident that took place on April 15, 2019 at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM).

According to court documents, Grantham vandalized a UWM professor’s car with eggs and paint while the professor was inside his office. The professor confronted Grantham about the vandalism and Grantham ran away. While fleeing the scene, Grantham kicked over a trash can and left behind paint on the professor’s tires.

Grantham was originally charged with felony damage to property and misdemeanor trespass. However, after he pleaded guilty to criminal damaging and trespassing on May 7, 2019, prosecutors dropped the felony charges and offered him a sentence of two years in a juvenile correctional facility.

Ryan Grantham was born in September of 1994 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ryan Grantham was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on September 21st, 1994. He is the son of Dawn and Greg Grantham. At a young age, Ryan showed an interest in art and writing. He loved making up stories and telling them to his friends. His family moved to Surrey, British Columbia when he was just six years old. It was there that Ryan’s love for hockey began.

He started playing hockey at a very young age and quickly became obsessed with the sport. In 2006, Ryan moved back to Winnipeg to attend school. While there, he continued to play hockey and also started writing for the school newspaper. After high school, Ryan decided to pursue a career in hockey instead of going to college and signed with the Calgary Flames as a free agent in 2013.

In 2015, Ryan was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets and then again in 2017 to the Edmonton Oilers. He is currently playing for the Minnesota Wild..

On September 5th,

On September 5th, I celebrated my 10-year anniversary with my girlfriend, Kaylee. It was a really special day and we had a lot of fun together. We went out to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant and then watched a movie at her house. We both felt really happy on that day.

However, the following day changed everything. On September 6th, my parents came over to visit me for the weekend. My dad is a cancer survivor and he’s been through a lot in his life; so this was really big for him. They were here for just one night, but it was still really hard for me to see them leave.

The next day was September 7th, and it was the last day of school before winter break. I had been looking forward to this day all semester; I was finally going to get some uninterrupted time with Kaylee. But as soon as we got in my car to go to her house, she started getting sick again.

She had just eaten lunch at school and she started feeling really sick right after we got in the car. By the time we got to her house, she was throwing up all over herself and couldn’t speak or move very well. We called an ambulance and they took her to the hospital where she stayed overnight because she had contamination from the food poisoning caused by what she ate at lunch that day.

After she spent the night in the hospital, she finally woke up on September

Ryan Grantham

Ryan Grantham is a character in the book series “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” by Jeff Kinney. Ryan is the titular character’s best friend and naive sidekick. He has two younger sisters, whom he greatly idolizes. The three of them share an apartment and frequently indulge in their wimpy habits, such as eating chips for breakfast or watching TV all day. Ryan suffers from low self-esteem, stemming from his awkwardness and lack of confidence. Despite this, he is fiercely loyal to his friends and always puts them first.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

What if everything you know is a lie? This is the question that Ryan Grantham wrestles with in his diary, published as a web comic on Wimpy Kid Wiki. Born to a family of comedians, Ryan grew up believing that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But when his parents are killed in a car accident and he’s sent to live with his strict and conservative grandparents, Ryan learns the truth- that he’s actually quite wimpy. At first, he hates himself for being weak, but eventually he starts to embrace his wimpiness and becomes the strong person he always wanted to be. Through his diary, readers learn about life as a Wimpy Kid and about growing up in an unconventional family.

Wimpy Kid Wiki

Wimpy Kid Wiki is a Wikia devoted to the books and films based on the life of Greg Heffley. The wiki was started by Ryan Grantham and has since accumulated over 107,000 articles. Wimpy Kid Wiki offers an extensive overview of the characters, locations, and plotlines in the books and films. Fans can browse through detailed character profiles, movie reviews, fan art, and more. Ryan Grantham also created a Diary of a Wimpy Kid TV series guide which offers information on every episode of the show.

Ryan has Asperger’s Syndrome, which makes him very social anxious

Asperger’s Syndrome is a condition on the autism spectrum that affects communication and social interaction. It often leads to extreme social anxiety, which is why Ryan has had so much difficulty making friends throughout his life. Despite this, he has always been extremely passionate about learning and exploring new things, which has led him to become a successful science journalist.

Although he struggles socially, Ryan is an incredibly intelligent person who has made great contributions to the fields of science and journalism. He has written for publications such as Scientific American, Wired magazine, and The Daily Beast, and his work has been featured on national television shows like The Colbert Report and Science Channel’s MythBusters.

Despite his many accomplishments, Ryan remains very shy and insecure in social settings. He is always cognizant of how others are perceiving him and works hard to ensure that he behaves in a manner that is deemed acceptable by society. Although he may not always be able to interact with people easily, he knows that his intelligence and passion make him worth tolerating.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is the first book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid is the first book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. The story follows Greg Heffley, who is always on the brink of ruin. He and his friends, Rodrick and Michael, are constantly getting into trouble at school and at home. However, one day, things take a turn for the worse when Greg’s older brother Rodrick gets expelled from school. This leaves Greg as the only person in his family with a good grade-point average.

To make matters worse, Greg’s mother starts working late most nights and she becomes more demanding as time goes on. She starts insisting that Greg get a job at the local library to help support the family. However, all ofGreg’s attempts to find a job go wrong. Finally, he lands a job stocking shelves at Sam’s Club but he hates it so much that he quits after just two days.

Things start to look up for Greg when his parents move out of town and leave him alone in their house for Easter weekend. While staying there, Greg meets Rowley Jefferson, who lives down the street with his parents. Rowley is huge for his age and has no friends other than his mutant lizards that he keeps in his room. After talking with Rowley for awhile and getting to know him better, Greg realizes that he too is lonely and wants some friends too.

Now that Greg has some new friends to keep him company during these tough times

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series follows the life of Greg Heffley

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series follows the life of Greg Heffley and his friends, Jimmy and Rodrick. The first book in the series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, was released in 2007 and became a success. The books follow Greg as he deals with issues such as being bullied at school, being embarrassed by his family, and trying to find himself.

Shocked Facts About Ryan Grantham

1. Ryan Grantham was born on December 2, 1992 in Ontario, Canada.
2. He is of English, Scottish and Irish descent.
3. His parents are Barbara and Gordon Grantham.
4. He has an older sister named Rebecca and a younger brother named Cameron.
5. Grantham attended Westlane Secondary School in Toronto, where he played varsity hockey for the school’s team from 2008 to 2010.
6. After graduating from high school, he attended Durham University in England, playing for the college’s ice hockey team from 2011 to 2013.
7. He then transferred to Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, where he joined the Huskies’ ice hockey team as a junior in 2014-15 and played his final season there in 2017-18 as a senior captain.
8. Grantham was drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks 164th overall in the 2018 NHL Entry Draft and signed a three-year entry level contract with the team on June 25, 2018

Childhood | First Year of School

I can’t believe it’s been a year already! It seems like only yesterday I was sitting in first grade, waiting for the day to finally start. It’s been an interesting year so far…

There have been some big changes going on in my life. For one, I switched schools this year. It was a lot of work getting everything pulled together and lined up, but it was worth it in the end. It’s been great to make new friends and get to know the teachers better.

Another big change is that I’m now in sixth grade. Sixth grade is definitely an age when you start realizing how fast time is flying by. I’ve also started getting interested in more serious things like having crushes and trying out for sports teams. It’s definitely been a challenge adjusting to all of these changes, but I’m excited for what comes next.

Middle School Years

During his middle school years, Ryan experienced some difficulties. He was often bullied and had few friends. However, he managed to stay positive and continued to achieve his goals. One of his biggest achievements during this time was winning a statewide science fair.

High School Years

As high school freshmen, Ryan and his friends were looking forward to their first year of college. But things quickly went downhill for the young guys when they realized that they had to start paying attention in classes- and not just because of the tuition. Their parents weren’t around to help out with everything, and with no summer break, cramming for tests was tough. But as Ryan soon found out, one thing was sure: he wasn’t the only one who felt unprepared.

In his diary entries from this era, Ryan frequently complains about his teachers and classmates. He describes them as lazy and uninterested in learning, and he even goes so far as to say that some of them deserve to be punished for their poor performance. In spite of all this negative feedback, Ryan manages to keep a positive attitude most of the time. He’s still excited about starting college- but he’s ready for the challenge that lies ahead.

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