Who Is Elon Musk’s Two-Time Ex-Eife, Talulah Riley? The British Actress Starred In Westworld and is close to her billionaire ex,

Elon Musk is one of the most enigmatic and interesting figures in the tech world. The billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has made a name for himself as a visionary and trailblazer. He’s also been married three times, including twice to the same woman: British actress Talulah Riley. Riley is best known for her roles in Westworld and Inception. She met Musk in 2008 and they married two years later. They divorced in 2012, but remarried in 2013. They divorced again in 2016, but remain close friends. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Talulah Riley: who she is, her relationship with Elon Musk, and what she’s up to now.

Talulah Riley’s Early Life

Talulah Riley was born in 1985 in Hertfordshire, England. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a drama teacher. She has two older sisters. Riley attended the independent St Paul’s Girls’ School in London and then the University of Bristol, where she studied English literature.

Riley began her acting career in 2004, appearing in episodes of the British TV series Midsomer Murders and Poirot. She made her film debut in 2005’s Pride & Prejudice, starring Keira Knightley.

In 2009, Riley starred in the sci-fi thriller The Last Days on Mars. The following year, she appeared in the comedy-drama Made in Dagenham and the action film Green Zone.

In 2011, Riley had a breakout role as the android host named Angela in the HBO TV series Westworld. She reprised her role in the show’s second season, which aired in 2018.

Aside from her work on Westworld, Riley has appeared in several other TV shows and films over the years, including Inception (2010), St Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold (2009), and Black Mirror (2016).

Talulah Riley’s Career

Talulah Riley’s career began in 2004 with a role in the TV movie Gone to the Dogs. She has since appeared in a variety of films and television shows, including Pride & Prejudice, St Trinians, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, and Westworld.

In 2008, Talulah married billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. The couple divorced in 2012 but remarried in 2013. They separated again in 2016 and this time the divorce was finalized in 2018.

Despite her high-profile marriage to Musk, Talulah has managed to maintain a successful career in Hollywood. She is currently starring in the HBO series Westworld and has several upcoming film projects lined up.

Talulah Riley’s Personal Life

Talulah Riley’s personal life has been the subject of much speculation over the years. The British actress, who is best known for her role in the HBO series Westworld, was married to Elon Musk for eight years before they divorced in 2016. The couple had a brief reconciliation in 2018, but ultimately parted ways again.

Riley has largely kept mum about her personal life since her split from Musk. However, she did open up about their relationship in an interview with Vogue UK in 2019. She revealed that the pair met through mutual friends and hit it off immediately. They got married just six months after they started dating.

Riley said that Musk was “an incredible partner” during their marriage and that she will always love him. However, she acknowledged that their relationship was not perfect and that they ultimately decided to go their separate ways.

Since her split from Musk, Riley has been linked to actor Dominic Cooper. The two were reportedly first spotted together in 2017 and have since been photographed on various dates around London.

Talulah Riley and Elon Musk’s Divorce

A little over a year after they first filed for divorce, Talulah Riley and Elon Musk are officially divorced. The British actress and the Tesla founder were married for eight years and have two children together.

Riley is best known for her role in the HBO series Westworld. She has also appeared in films such as Pride & Prejudice, Inception, andThor: The Dark World.

Musk is the founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX. He is also the chairman of SolarCity.

What Talulah Riley is Doing Now

Talulah Riley is an English actress from Hertfordshire. She is best known for her roles in Inception, St. Trinian’s and Pride & Prejudice. Talulah has been in a relationship with tech billionaire Elon Musk since 2008, and the pair married in 2010. However, the couple divorced in 2012, and remarried in 2013. They announced their second divorce in 2016.

Since her split from Elon Musk, Talulah has kept a relatively low profile. She starred in the HBO series Westworld as Angela Moss, a host who becomes embroiled in the park’s sinister plots. The show was a huge success, and Talulah’s performance was well-received by critics.

In recent years, Talulah has been focusing on her writing career. She released her debut novel, Act Like It, in 2017. The book was praised by reviewers for its lighthearted and fun take on the world of acting. Talulah is currently working on her second novel, which is due to be published later this year.

Who is Talulah Riley?

Talulah Riley is a British actress who has starred in films such as Pride & Prejudice, St. Trinians, and Inception. She was married to Elon Musk from 2010 to 2012 and again from 2013 to 2016.

Riley was born in Hertfordshire, England, in 1985. She attended the all-girls Bedales School and later studied drama at the Glasgow University Union. Riley made her acting debut in 2005 with a small role in the film Pride & Prejudice. She went on to star in a number of films including St. Trinians (2007), The Boat That Rocked (2009), and Inception (2010).

Riley married Elon Musk in 2010. The couple had two children together before divorcing in 2012. They remarried in 2013 but divorced again in 2016. Following their divorce, Riley reportedly received a $4.2 million settlement from Musk.

Riley has appeared in a number of stage productions including Romeo and Juliet (2008) and As You Like It (2011). She has also starred in the TV series Westworld (2016-2018).

Talulah Riley’s Relationship with Elon Musk

Talulah Riley and Elon Musk were married for eight years before divorcing in 2016. The British actress and the billionaire businessman first met in 2008 at a London nightclub, and they were married two years later.

Riley is best known for her role in the HBO series Westworld, but she has also appeared in films such as Pride & Prejudice, Inception, and Thor: The Dark World.

Riley and Musk have remained close even after their divorce, with the actress attending several red carpet events with her ex-husband and even accompanying him to SpaceX launches.


Talulah Riley is a British actress who is best known for her roles in Westworld and Pride & Prejudice. She was married to Elon Musk from 2010 to 2012 and again from 2013 to 2016. The couple have three children together. Talulah is close friends with her ex-husband and the two are often seen together in public

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