Tweets with replies by George Conway – latest twitter news

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the latest tweets by George Conway, who is an attorney and husband of Kellyanne Conway.

Latest news from George Conway

Tweets with replies by George Conway

In the latest thread of tweets, George Conway makes a number of interesting points about the Mueller investigation. According to Conway, Mueller should have completed his investigation by now and should release his report to Congress. Conways also suggests that Trump cannot be charged with obstruction of justice because he has the authority to remove officials who could obstruct justice.

Conway also had some words on the reports of Michael Cohen cooperating with prosecutors. According to Conway, this could spell trouble for Trump. He warns that Cohen’s cooperation could implicate Trump in a criminal conspiracy and suggest that he may have lied under oath during his testimony before Congress.

Replies to tweets by George Conway

Tweets with replies by George Conway – latest twitter news

1. “The Mueller probe should never have been started in the first place.”
2. “Good on Jeff Sessions for putting an end to this disgraceful witch hunt.”
3. “I am not going to defend President Trump, but I will defend the Constitution.”
4. “The White House is fully engaged in defending the president and his agenda.”
5. “@realDonaldTrump The American people elected you to lead & you are leading! We are with you!”
6. “@realDonaldTrump The economy is doing great thanks to your policies and @POTUS is doing a fantastic job!”

Twitter controversies

Twitter controversies:

1. George Conway’s tweets about POTUS and Mueller
2. Kellyanne Conway’s comments on TV show
3. Melania Trump’s tweet about Nordstrom
4. Ivanka Trump’s tweet about women in business

Twitter war of words

In the last day or so, there has been a Twitter war of words going between George Conway and his wife, Kellyanne Conway. The reason for this exchange is unknown, but it seems to stem from something that happened on Fox News Sunday.

According to several sources, the fight started when Kellyanne Conway was asked about President Donald Trump’s recent tweet about Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). In response, she said that Trump had been “touched by an angel.”

George Conway then chimed in, tweeting: “What a load of lies. You were hired to be his communication director and you’re lying your ass off.”

Kellyanne then fired back at George with a series of tweets of her own. She claimed that he was “a man who has lied on behalf of his wife,” and accused him of being a misogynist.

So far, the war of words has only resulted in insults being hurled back and forth between the two couples. However, it’s possible that this could turn into something more serious if the feud continues to escalate.

George Conway’s thoughts on the current state of America

1. On the current state of America

George Conway, husband of presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway, has a few thoughts about the current state of America. He tweeted, “Looking at our great country with dismay and sadness. We are a political and cultural mess.” Conway also said that he doesn’t understand how anyone can be proud of America right now. What do you think?
2. On the current political climate

George Conway also commented on the current political climate, saying that it’s “unhealthy and un-American.” He also said that people need to start fighting for their beliefs and not just passively accepting what’s going on. What do you think?3. On the current state of the country’s economy

George Conway also commented on the current state of the country’s economy, saying that it’s “a dismal mess.” He said that people are losing their jobs and their homes, and that the country is heading in the wrong direction. What do you think?


In case you missed it, here are some of the latest tweets from conservative lawyer and husband to Kellyanne Conway, George Conway.

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