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Ukraine conflict: Latest updates as Russia pulls troops back from this article, you are going to know all about it.

Ukraine war live – pro-Russian rebels ‘holding Donetsk airport’

The pro-Russian rebels have been reported to be holding Donetsk airport after a two day long fighting against Ukrainian forces. The airport is said to be one of the most important in the rebel-held areas and is a major transportation hub for the region. This latest development comes as Russia has said it is ready for negotiations with Ukraine over the conflict, although Kiev has yet to confirm this. Earlier today, pro-Russian rebels launched an attack on another Ukrainian military base in Luhansk province.

Ukraine war live – Lavrov denies Russian troops in Ukraine

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov has denied reports that Russian troops are currently involved in the Ukraine conflict. Speaking to reporters at a press conference in Vienna on Thursday morning, Lavrov said that there are no Russian troops in Ukraine and that any such presence is purely hypothetical. He went on to say that Russia is ready for negotiations with the Ukrainian government, but warned against any unilateral actions by Kyiv.

Lavrov’s comments come as members of the NATO military alliance conducted a massive exercise near the eastern Ukrainian city of Lvov, which they claimed was designed to show support for the Kiev government. The man oeuvres have been criticized by the Kremlin as an attempt to further militarize the region.

Elsewhere in Ukraine, pro-Russian militants have taken control of two airports – one in Donetsk and another in Luhansk – after seizing government buildings in those cities. The airports were used as launch points for attacks on Ukrainian military positions earlier this week.

Ukraine war live – Merkel urges ceasefire in Ukraine

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Russia on Friday to respect a ceasefire in Ukraine, as the two sides prepared for talks aimed at salvaging the fledgling peace. The German leader said she still hoped “for a diplomatic solution” to the conflict that has killed more than 5,300 people since April. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow was ready for negotiations with Kiev but any settlement should be based on an “independent and sovereign” Ukraine.

Merkel said Berlin would back financial aid for Ukraine if it showed “real progress” towards implementing the Minsk agreements – a package of measures intended to end the war in east Ukraine. She also called for international monitors to be deployed in eastern Ukraine to ensure compliance with the ceasefire. Meanwhile, shelling continued on Saturday across rebel-held areas of Donetsk and Luhansk provinces, according to a monitoring group.

Ukraine war live – Obama signs sanctions bill into law

With the signing of the sanctions bill into law by US President Barack Obama, it looks like there might finally be a resolution to the Ukraine war. However, Putin has already made it clear that he is not interested in negotiations, and is instead planning to annex Crimea and launch further attacks against eastern Ukraine. The full text of the sanctions bill can be found here. According to it, anyone who provides weapons or financial support to the rebels in eastern Ukraine will be subject to economic sanctions. The bill also creates a visa ban and asset freezes for Russian officials implicated in the conflict. In a statement following the signing of the bill, Obama said that “the United States will continue to take all appropriate measures to ensure that Russia ceases its destabilizing activities in Ukraine.” This includes continuing arms shipments to the Ukrainian army and providing humanitarian aid to civilians living in rebel-held territory.

Ukraine war live

On September 5, 2017, the Ukrainian army and Russian-backed separatists were engaged in a month-long war in Ukraine. As of September 12th, the conflict has claimed over 10,000 lives and displaced millions. Despite this carnage, both sides have shown no signs of slowing down. At a press conference on September 12th, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia is ready for negotiations with Ukraine.

Latest News on the Ukraine War

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Moscow is ready for negotiations to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine, reports suggest. Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday morning, Putin said that the hostilities between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists could be resolved through “political and diplomatic means”. The Russian leader added however that any negotiations must be coordinated with the rebels themselves. Meanwhile, NATO has released satellite images which it says show “significant military buildups” by Russian forces close to the Ukrainian border. In response to these claims, Russia’s defence ministry has accused NATO of spreading disinformation.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has said that his country will not negotiate with Russia until it withdraws its troops from the east of the country. Speaking on Tuesday evening, Yatsenyuk also announced plans to hold a referendum in the east on independence from Ukraine later this year. Meanwhile, pro-Russian separatists have continued to attack government forces throughout eastern Ukraine over the past day. At least seven soldiers have been killed in clashes yesterday, according to Reuters news agency.

Russia is Ready for Negotiations, but Conditions Must Be Met

On September 5, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko stated that his country is ready for negotiations with Russia, provided certain conditions are met. In a televised speech, Poroshenko said that he was willing to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to “address the roots of the conflict.” He also called for an international peacekeeping force to be deployed in eastern Ukraine and for Kiev’s debt payments to be halted. Poroshenko’s statements come after weeks of escalating violence between government forces and pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country. According to Reuters, however, Moscow has made it clear that it is not interested in talks unless Kiev first agrees to disarm its forces. Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, said on September 5 that there are “no grounds” for negotiations while weapons remain “in the hands of terrorists.” The Ukrainian military has reported several engagements over the past week involving tanks and other armored vehicles.

Since April 2014, fighting has raged between government forces and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. The conflict began after pro-Russian demonstrators took control of government buildings in Donetsk and Lugansk provinces. These demonstrations were later followed by a referendum on independence from Ukraine which was deemed invalid by the Ukrainian government. Since then, heavy fighting has taken place between government troops and pro-Russian separatists armed with small arms and artillery. As of September 5, 2016, at least 10,000 people have died as a result of the war.

In his televised address on September 5

International Reaction to the Ukraine War

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said his country is “ready for negotiations” and that Moscow is not preparing for a military conflict with Ukraine. Putin’s comments came in an interview with Rossiya 1 TV channel on Sunday. Earlier this month, Russian forces seized control of the strategic Ukrainian port city of Crimea after a pro-Russian referendum was held there. The United States and European Union have denounced the referendum as illegitimate and have threatened sanctions against Russia. In his interview, Putin also said that he did not support the seizure of Crimea, but said it was justified because the residents of Crimea wanted to join Russia. He added that he does not want war with Ukraine, but if one occurs, Russia will “fight to the bitter end.” The Russian leader also reiterated his demand for a UN Security Council resolution condemning the seizure of Crimea, saying that without such a resolution, it would be “impossible” to hold any talks between Russia and Ukraine about returning the peninsula to its rightful owner.

What Comes Next for Ukraine?

The war in Ukraine is gradually coming to an end, with both sides preparing for negotiations. Russia has said it is ready for talks, and Kiev is looking to negotiate a ceasefire before resuming operations against the remaining rebels. Meanwhile, NATO has announced plans to send more troops to Eastern Europe as a deterrence measure.


Ukraine war live – Russia ‘ready for negotiations’ – latest news: With the cease-fire holding in place, Ukraine and Russia are now reportedly ready for negotiations. However, there are still some lingering tensions between the two nations.

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