When does March Madness start? Full schedule for First Four – full explained

March Madness is a time-honored tradition in America, and for good reason. The NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament is one of the most exciting and unpredictable sporting events on the calendar—and it starts early this year. The First Four is the first round of the tournament, and it features four of the best teams in the country. So, to help you get ready for all the excitement to come, we’ve put together a full schedule for March Madness. Check it out below!

What is March Madness?

When does March Madness star


March Madness officially begins on Tuesday, March 13th and runs through Thursday, April 2nd. The First Four games are played on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights. The rest of the tournament is played on Saturday and Sunday.

On Selection Sunday, the 64 teams competing in the NCAA Tournament will be announced. These teams will then play in six rounds of play, with each round featuring a single-elimination bracket until the Final Four is reached.
The Final Four will be played at a location to be determined, but it is typically one of the larger stadiums in North America. The national championship game will be played on Monday, April 3rd.

How does March Madness work?

March Madness is a yearly event that takes place in the United States. The tournament consists of 64 teams (called “regions”) who compete in a single-elimination format. Each region plays one other region in a best-of-three series. The top 8 teams from each region advance to the “First Four”. These 8 teams are selected by a committee that includes coaches, athletic directors, and media members. The First Four is a round-robin tournament where the 4th and 5th seeds play the 3rd seed and 2nd seed, respectively. The winners of these games advance to the main event, which is a 32-team bracket.

What are the first four games of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament?

When does March Madness star

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament begins with the First Four games on March 14th. These four games will be played in Dayton, Memphis, Indianapolis, and Wichita. The winners of each game will advance to the next round.

The second round will begin on March 21st with the eight teams who advanced from the First Four. These games will be played in Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles (New Orleans), Oklahoma City, and San Antonio. The four winners of these games will advance to the Sweet 16 where they will play against the four teams who made it through the previous year’s tournament.

The Sweet 16 will take place on March 28th-30th with all eight teams playing in one location. The four winners of this round will advance to the Final Four which will be held at either University of Phoenix Stadium ( Arizona), AT&T Stadium (Texas), Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Atlanta), or Madison Square Garden (New York).

Who are the teams in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament?

When does March Madness star

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is one of the most popular sporting events in America. The tournament features 64 teams competing for a chance to win the national championship. The first four rounds are called the “First Four.” Here’s a full schedule for when this exciting event begins:

March 13-15: First Four games
March 18-21: Second Four games
March 25-27: Third Four games
April 1-3: Fourth Four games

What time does March Madness start on TV?

March Madness officially starts on Wednesday, March 14th at 12pm EST. The First Four games will be played that day and the rest of the tournament will run through April 5th. Each night there is a different matchup airing on CBS, TNT, TBS, or truTV.

The full schedule can be found here: https://marchmadness.com/schedule/. There are some regional matchups that air earlier in the morning (like Kentucky vs North Carolina) to make up for time lost due to the Winter Olympics. Make sure you check your local listings to see what time they start!

When does March Madness end?

The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament begins on March 16th and will culminate with the national championship game on April 6th. The First Four games are played over a four-day period in March, with each team playing one game. The first round of games is a single elimination tournament, with the top eight seeds receiving a bye to the second round. From there, the field is chopped down to 64 teams and the tournament continues as a double-elimination bracket.

How can I watch March Madness online?

March Madness is one of the most popular annual sporting events in America. The tournament consists of 64 teams competing in a knockout format for a chance at winning the NCAA Championship. This year, the tournament starts on Thursday, March 15th and runs through Sunday, April 2nd. Here’s everything you need to know to follow the action online:

When does March Madness start?
The First Four (the first round of 32 teams) will take place on Tuesday, March 12th and Wednesday, March 13th. Every other round will happen on Thursdays and Fridays.
What time do games start?
The games start at 7 p.m. EST each night. Some exceptions are made for regional games that start earlier or end later due to live coverage or other factors.
How can I watch March Madness online?
There are plenty of ways to stream March Madness online! You can watch via your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone – there’s even an app available for both iOS and Android devices! If you’re looking to watch all the games live, be sure to subscribe to one of the many streaming services that offer channel bundles – like DIRECTV NOW or Sling TV – that include all 64 channels of the tournament live!

Who are the commentators for March Madness?

The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, commonly known as “March Madness,” is one of the most popular annual sporting events in the United States. The tournament starts on March 15th and ends with the championship game on April 6th. This year’s first round will have 64 teams playing in a single-elimination format.

Below is a full schedule for this year’s tournament:

March 15st – First Round games begin
March 17th – Dayton vs VCU
March 19th – La Salle vs Saint Louis
March 21st – Davidson vs Richmond
March 23rd – George Mason vs UNC Greensboro
March 25th – Wichita State vs Texas A&M
March 27th – Harvard vs Kentucky
March 29th – Cincinnati vs Baylor
April 1st – Michigan State vs UNLV


The first round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, commonly referred to as the “First Four,” will take place this week. The full schedule for the First Four is below:

Monday, March 14: Virginia vs. Temple (6 p.m.)
Wednesday, March 16: Wichita State vs. La Salle (7 p.m.)
Friday, March 18: Gonzaga vs. South Carolina (7 p.m.)
Saturday, March 19: North Carolina vs. Davidson (5 p.m.)

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