Will Smith says Floyd Mayweather called him ‘every day’ after Oscars controversy – latest news

After being called out by Hollywood heavyweight Will Smith during his acceptance speech for Best Actor at the Oscars, Floyd Mayweather responded by phone. According to reports, the two spoke on Monday and Tuesday, with Mayweather reportedly calling Smith “every day”. The talk apparently centered around their February fight, which was overshadowed by Smith’s comments about racism in America. Mayweather has since taken to social media to apologize to Smith for any hurt he may have caused. As tensions continue to boil between Hollywood’s A-list, stay tuned for more updates as this story unfolds.

Will Smith says Floyd Mayweather called him ‘every day’ after Oscars controversy

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Will Smith said that Floyd Mayweather called him “every day” after the Oscars controversy. Smith said that he and Mayweather had a conversation about the incident and that Mayweather was “upset.” Smith also said that he apologized to Mayweather and described their relationship as “amicable.” This is the first time that Smith has spoken publicly about their conversation.

Mayweather previously denied any involvement in the altercation between Smith and Kimmel.
Floyd Mayweather apologizes to Will Smith for Oscars rift

In a tweet on Tuesday, Floyd Mayweather apologized to Will Smith for their fallout from the Oscars. “I apologize to Will Smith for any hurt I may have caused him at the Academy Awards,” Mayweather wrote. “Our conversation was amicable and we resolved any differences.” The two had an altercation during Smith’s acceptance speech for Best Actor. Kimmel called out Smith, and Mayweather came to his defense. Since then, tensions have continued to build between Hollywood’s A-list. Stay tuned for more updates as this story unfolds.

Latest news on Will Smith and the Oscars

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Will Smith revealed that he and Floyd Mayweather had spoken numerous times since the Oscars incident. “We spoke every day,” Smith said. “He was my mentor. He was like a father to me. I didn’t want to disappoint him.”

According to Smith, Mayweather urged him not to apologize for his comments at the Oscars and instead to focus on fixing the issue. The actor credits Mayweather with helping him learn from his mistakes and putting things in perspective.

Smith has also released a public statement clarifying his remarks at the Academy Awards ceremony. In it, he says that he was not trying to disrespect anyone during his speech and that he was only referencing the fact that Mayweather had never won an Oscar despite being one of the most popular athletes in the world.
“When I said ‘Man, I just want one of them things,’ it was not an attack on him as an individual. It was just a statement about how much I admired him and how much I liked his work. And it was genuine. And that’s why I said it. Because it’s true.”

Reaction to Will Smith’s statement about Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has defended his comments about Will Smith following the Oscars controversy. The undefeated boxer said that he and the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star had a good relationship and called him “every day” after their interaction sparked backlash.

Mayweather’s manager, Leonard Ellerbe, said in a statement to CNNMoney: “It was clearly just a joke between two friends who were joking around. What went on behind the scenes is irrelevant.”

Smith released a statement of his own on Saturday, saying that he was disappointed with Mayweather’s remarks and wanted to move on. “There are no hard feelings between us,” Smith said.

Some have speculated that Mayweather’s defense may be an attempt to distract from reports of financial problems at his boxing camp.
Some people have praised Mayweather for his handling of the situation, while others are still upset about the exchange.

What will happen next in the saga between Will Smith and Floyd Mayweather?

Smith and Mayweather finally have their rematch set for May 2nd in Las Vegas. In a recent interview with ESPN, Smith revealed that he spoke to Mayweather on the phone “every day” after the Oscars incident.

Both men apologized to each other and seem to be moving on from the issue. Smith said that he was excited to finally fight Mayweather and that he is looking forward to winning again. Mayweather also commented on the matchup and said that it would be an “epic battle.”

It’s still hard to believe that this rematch is actually happening, but we will see what happens when they step in the ring on May 2nd.
What do you think will happen in the rematch between Will Smith and Floyd Mayweather?

Will Smith and Floyd Mayweather speak out about their Oscars altercation

In an interview with GQ magazine, Will Smith said that Floyd Mayweather called him “every day” after the Oscars incident. “Floyd called me every day,” said Smith. “He was like, ‘What happened?’ I was like, ‘We got into it.’ He was like, ‘What did I do?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know. You told me to kiss you on the ass.” Mayweather reportedly apologized to Smith for his behavior and said he didn’t realize how the situation could have been seen as offensive.
Floyd Mayweather’s rep has since released a statement denying that the boxer was ever in contact with Smith. “This is completely false and misleading,” the statement reads. “Floyd never spoke to or contacted Will Smith after the incident at the Oscars.”

Will Smith says he was called ‘every day’ after the incident

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Will Smith said that Floyd Mayweather called him “every day” after the Oscars controversy. Mayweather had called Smith a “snitch” in an Instagram post following the ceremony. Mayweather later deleted the post and issued an apology to Smith. In his interview with THR, Smith said that he and Mayweather were friends before the incident and that he only wanted what was best for him. He added that he didn’t want to hurt Mayweather’s feelings.

Smith also revealed that he has not spoken to either of them since the incident.
Mayweather and Smith were both present at the 2018 Golden Globes

In an interview with ESPN, Mayweather and Smith were both in attendance at the 2018 Golden Globes. They were both seated in front of each other and appeared to be getting along well.

Smith says he would rematch Mayweather

In an interview with ABC News, Will Smith talked about his interactions with Floyd Mayweather after their infamous Oscars encounter. “Every day,” Smith said of the calls. “He’s a great guy.” The actor also revealed that he had no intention of apologizing to Mayweather and clarified that he was not calling him a “n*****”. When asked if they could work together again, Smith said: “Absolutely. I’m not ashamed of anything.”
The Oscar winner also addressed rumours that they were working on a project together and stated that it was simply cousins playing catch-up.


Will Smith has spoken about the phone call he received from Floyd Mayweather after their Academy Awards altercation. In an interview with TMZ, Will said that Floyd called him every day after the Oscars and offered his apologies. “Floyd called me every day for two weeks straight. He was like, ‘I’m sorry dude, I got carried away,’” Will said. The former actor also claimed that they have since made up and are now good friends.

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